2. Rotaract Club of Bangalore South

Karthik Joined the Rotaract Club of Bangalore South in the Year 2005-06 and served as the Vice-President in the Club.

Karthik's Installation as the President of Rotaract Bangalore South

In the Year 2006-07 he served as the Editor in the Club.

Addressing the Gathering at Raj Bhavan, during Diwali Celebration with His Excellency Mr Rameshwar Thakur, Governor of Karnataka

In the Year 2007-08 he became the 2nd Rotaractor in the District to don the Mantle of President twice once in a Institution based Club and later in a Community Based Club.

The Club Theme he Choose was “Redefine History”

Club Theme 2007-08

The Board of Director’s were as follows:

President                                    Karthik V K

Vice-President                             Vijai Ram

President-Elect                            Vikram

Secretary                                   Janardhan

Treasurer                                   Keertana

Joint-Secretary                            Bhargavi

Sgt-at-Arms                                Aditya

Editor                                        Sukirti


Club                                 Sumanth

Community                       Rekha

Jt. Community                   Archana

International                      Vikram

Professional                      Vishu

Public Relations                  Prithvi

Movie Screening for 800+ Underprivileged Kids

The Club executed many record Projects including Gandhi Smriti, Bike Expedition to Ooty and A Movie Screening for Underprivileged Kids.

Flag Off - Anti Dowry campaign Ride to Ooty

Karthik after his stint as the District Rotaract Representative, is a Permanent Advisor to the President of the Rotaract Club of Bangalore South.


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