Top Gun Technologies

Top Gun Network Technologies Pvt. Ltd (Bangalore)

Top Gun Technologies is a leading provider of quality consultancy services and world class education in the computer networking infrastructure space. We specialize in providing premium training in the areas of Internetworking Technologies (including Convergent Networks using Data/Voice technologies, Wireless/Optical Networks and Storage Area Networks), Operating Systems, Relational Database Systems, Web Servers and Security/Firewalls. We not only provide quality training but also help students in strengthening their soft skills and interviewing skills. These courses lead to world-recognized certifications from leading global players like Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, Checkpoint and Sun Microsystems.

Karthik has worked with Top Gun Network Technologies Pvt. Ltd as an Associate – Networking, Lab Instructor and then as a Training Consultant .


His Job Responsibilities included:


  • Designing Complex Scenarios for trainees to work on
  • Conducting Lectures and Laboratories for CCNA, CCSP & CCIE Security
  • Cabling and troubleshooting Layer 1 and Layer 2 problems
  • Configuring and implementing Quality of Service (QoS) to prioritize traffic and limit bandwidth utilization
  • Configuring access profiles to restrict management access through SNMP, Telnet and SSH
  • Creating access-list (ACLs) to secure access to the network, limit unwanted traffic and also to define interesting traffic
  • Upgrading the devices, manually and hitless, with major IOS releases and patch upgrades
  • Configuring management services like SNMP and Radius authentication on routers and switches
  • Configuring SPAN & RSPAN on the switches to sniff packets for analyzing
  • Monitoring traffic patterns through IEV and logging suspicious network traffic flow
  • Running periodic Hardware Diagnostics on the devices
  • Configuring NAT / PAT on routers, switches and PIX
  • Troubleshooting routing complications
  • Troubleshooting VPN and Security Related problems
  • Configuring Site To Site VPN Tunnel
  • Providing remote access to remote clients through Remote Access VPN (Dynamic)
  • Configuring high availability of VPN access through HSRP
  • Configuring  Content Based Access Control for URL Filtering and for outside (less secure) traffic
  • Prevention measures using NBAR and CBAC for DOS Attacks and Smurf Attacks
  • Configuring Dynamic Multipoint GRE tunnels for Inside (secure) traffic for security reasons
  • Preparing baseline documentation of the network and updating as per the changes made

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