At a time of economic uncertainty, one thing remains clear. There’s an unmistakable shift of influence to the east. It’s not just about IT outsourcing. Increasingly India, China and the rest of Asia are making their presence felt globally in new technologies, design brilliance, cultural and economic innovation. And so, TEDIndia 2009’s  conference theme was “The Future Beckons.”
To learn more, watch the TEDIndia preview video or browse TEDTalks in the special Theme“A Taste of TEDIndia.”

TEDIndia: The Future Beckons

Even the site of our conference is a powerful metaphor for the reshaped world of the 21st century. It’s being held at the incredible high-tech campus built by Infosys to train its thousands of engineering graduates, representing the heart of the Asian outsourcing industry. We can think of no more appropriate place to gather to think about tomorrow.

Wireless Network Check at a Cisco Presentation

Details of the speaker program will be revealed approximately 2 months prior to the conference (as is always the case with TED events), but it’s already shaping up to be an extraordinary line-up. Speakers will include India’s most promising innovators, from entrepreneurs to artists, storytellers to scientists. And about one third of the program will come from outside India. We’ll hear from celebrated global icons as well as undiscovered talent that’s due broader recognition.

Wireless Network Check at the Main Auditorium

My Role at TEDIndia 2009

On October 28th I got a call from My manager tha we were to set up the Wireless Secure Network for TEDIndia 2009.

I sat back and thought that this was definitely going to be one of my most memorable experiences, and reached Infosys Mysore on the 29th, Infosys already a Fortress with heavy Security turned out to be a heavier Fortress with the TED Delegation Coming in.

With Swami Jaggi Vasudev

Nevertheless I and my Team of 3 Engineers – Ravi, Swamy, Girish had this herculean task of setting up Wireless Internet Connectivity at TEDIndia 2009 for the Main Auditorium, 2 other Auditorium, Infosys Leadership Institute and the Lounge.

The Total Wireless users were approx 1000-1500 Users.

The Auditorium Audio Console at TEDIndia 2009

We almost had to lay 3 Km of Cable to get the Wireless Access up and running.

After installing many Cisco Access points and Controllers we also thoroughly had tested the setup.

Then came November 4th the D – Day and until November 7th we had a tough time trying to manage 99%uptime of the Network.

The Video Room at TEDIndia 2009

We also managed to catch a glimpse of a few talks.

TED Appreciation Note

Sivamani Live at TEDIndia2009


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