Natanam School of Mythology


About Natanam School of Mythology

India has a varied and diverse culture and heritage. Although we as Indians blindly believe this statement, accepting it as each generation passes down this line of wisdom, how many of us have bothered to find out for ourselves this ‘varied and diverse culture and heritage’? A typical south Indian family would have the girl study Bharathanatyam, or learn to play the Veena, and a boy would learn to play the mridangam. This being classified as a hobby, would find its full stop as soon as education becomes a little more demanding. Festivals are looked forward to, because it creates occasion for new clothes, or sweets that have been purchased from a famous sweet shop. Marriages mean shopping and parties! ‘Tradition’ cannot be put down to non-development! Tradition can be modified to suit our level of development today. But one must remember that every invention, every stroke of genius that has got us here today was developed by whom we today refer as ‘ancestors’. And tradition must have been developed only because there must have been a very good reason to develop it! Indian Culture represents much more than what appears on the surface. Rituals represent a deeper meaning, and should not be lightly spoken about as ‘a waste of time’. The Vedas and scriptures that are enriching literature provide insight to a meaningful way of living, and these have been beautifully brought out by stories in the Amar Chitra Katha, but these are hardly the books you would find in kid’s room anymore! Culture or heritage is not just about the music or scriptures or art, it also includes the Indian cuisine which forms the major part of any festival or occasion, the Indian attire, Indian languages with its varied dialects, places of worship and holidaying spots, the various religions and beliefs that India nurtures.

Why Hayagriva School of Mythology ?

Because we are Indians, and because we believe that every Indian has the right to know his/her culture and heritage, we launch the Natanam-parampara—the ‘Weekend Gurukula’. This is a program with varied subjects on Indian Culture.

The concept behind Parampara – the ‘Weekend Gurukula’ is that every Indian is given a reasonable opportunity to know his or her country better, to be able to appreciate his/her heritage better, and more importantly understand his/her true culture. Patriotism is not just about standing in attention for the national anthem or shedding a tear or two at the sight of a patriotic movie. Patriotism is feeling oneness with one’s country! And this oneness will be brought about only if one is given the opportunity to know about India and feel proud about the kaleidoscope of culture that thrives in such perfect harmony amidst so many beliefs and faith!

Being a subject to the kind of development of modern way of living today, it would definitely be a treat to experience the ancient Gurukula system of learning! In fact, the program is designed in such a way that talks would be delivered accompanied by live demonstrations wherever feasible, in an ethnic set-up, trying to bring back to life the much forgotten guru-shishya gurukula parampara One course will be spread over 4 weekends, to do some sort of justice to the various topics listed out.

Resources and faculty are all authorities in the chosen field and participation in this program will assuredly be an enriching and a fulfilling experience!


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